I have been creating the photographic stones since 2002. I started with the experimentation at home but soon I was able to participate some art and craft markets and that was my beginning. I sold thousands of stones during the several Art Fairs in Italy, Croatia and Australia.
I am happy to create more photographic stones and amaze you with the originality and the beauty of this handmade object. The photo rocks are water and scratch resistant and very easy to maintain and will last you for decades.
Many people ask me for the technique that I use but I always answer that the more important is the result and final outcome than the process itself. Anyway, it is handmade with a precise positioning and melting  of special paper on the rock surface and  by the way I use the stones from the nature and from the local surroundings and of course I search the right shape that will fit the image that you want to put on and on average they weight aproximately around 2kg. I can also create and put the image on the timber or tile but my favorite of course is the natural stone.
Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to provide you with the right information and best quotes for you.