With over 30 years experience in a range of photographic styles, from fine art prints and portraits to commercial and product photography, I dedicated much of my professional career to teaching darkroom techniques and artistic photography.
I have always been a researcher, someone who would use the camera as a way of catching the here and now, exploring the outer world as an extension of my inner world.
I have done many years of personal experimental work in the darkroom for which I have been awarded in various international competitions. The one that means the most to me is the first prize for “Fragments of a memory” collection at the Photography Festival in Rome in 2006. The work was mainly done in a darkroom using images from the war years in Croatia, where I was directly involved in the early 90’s.
In 2009, a book, “Zadar 1991, The War Suddenly” was published  exploring the concept of memory in relation to those tragic years of war.
Since then my work keeps receiving industry recognition for my capability of going beyond the realm of reality, playing with abstract concepts and creating new forms. Water is one of my favorite elements and therefore all the liquid matter is an inspirational field worth of exploration for me.
An amazing example of it is a series called “Quadrumiki”, an imaginary story of a fisherman.
My collections have been shown in more than 40 international exhibitions, and in the past 20 years I have been running more than 40 intensive digital & analogue photography workshops in Italy, Croatia, Spain and Australia.
I continue to work as a freelance photographer and teaches the basics of photography as well as advanced B&W printing techniques.

I discovered B&W film photography while studying chemistry and for the next 20 years I spent most of my time printing and experimenting in the darkroom.
Working as a professional photographer for several magazines, I started shooting portraits & fashion at the start of my career and moved to abstracts and landscapes later on.
Years of experience in the darkroom, has brought me to apply my creativity in the digital world and has opened new doors for me to perceive the world around me.

Upon my arrival in Australia a decade ago, my photographic and artistic path started with the abstracted natural world after which I transitioned to abstract urban architecture. Currently, I am working on a new series of dense, richly colour saturated images.

During 30 years in fine art photography, I have been honoured to receive several awards and participate in 40+ international exhibitions, including several exhibitions in Victoria where I currently live and work. My images have made their way to many international private and public collections.

While life keeps transforming and evolving, no matter where and when, my camera is ‘at the ready mode’ to immortalise the here and now and give it a new life and form.