I am a professional freelance photographer with over 30 years of expertise in a variety of photographic techniques ranging from fine art prints and portraits to commercial photography. In addition, I spent a significant portion of my professional career teaching darkroom skills and artistic photography.
I found B&W film photography while studying chemistry and spent the next 20 years printing and experimenting in the darkroom.
Working as a professional photographer for various magazines, I began my career photographing portraits and fashion before transitioning to abstracts and landscapes.
I have always been a researcher, someone who uses the camera to capture the present moment, examining the outside world as an extension of the inner world.
Many years of personal experimentation in the darkroom have resulted in awards from numerous international competitions. The one that means the most to me is the first award for the “Fragments of a Memory” series at the 2006 Rome Photography Festival. The work was mostly done in a darkroom with pictures from Croatia’s conflict years, in which I was intimately involved in the early 1990s.
In 2009, I released a book called “Zadar 1991, The War Suddenly”  with Postcart, an Italian publisher based in Rome, and in the book, I largely explored the topic of memory in relation to those dreadful years of war.
Since then, my work has received industry recognition for my ability to move beyond the world of reality, to experiment with abstract concepts, and to create new forms. Water is one of my favourite elements, hence all liquid matter is an inspiring topic worth exploring for me.
A great example is the “Quadrumiki” series, which tells the story of an envisioned fisherman.
My collections have been presented in over 40 worldwide exhibitions, and over the last 20 years I have taught over 40 intense digital and analogue photography courses in Italy, Croatia, Spain, and Australia.
When I first arrived in Australia a decade ago, I began my photography and artistic journey with the abstracted natural environment, then moved on to abstract urban architecture. I’m currently working on a new series of dense, vibrantly coloured saturated photos.
I continue to work as a freelance photographer, teaching both the fundamentals of photography and advanced printing techniques.
While life continues to adapt and evolve, no matter where or when, my camera is set to ‘at the ready mode’ to immortalise the present and give it new life and form.