Robert Marnika

fine Art

This is my favorite field in photography as I have been creating artistic photography for the last thirty years and have exhibited in many galleries. I had several recognitions and awards for my artwork and I continue to expand my imagination and create e original and unique pieces.


Having organized for many years walking and hiking workshops around the world, I was able to develop an original style and create an amazing body of work with my landscape photography. I am always keen to explore new horizons and create new collaborations


With more than three decades of experience in portrait  and fashion photography, portraiture was my funniest and satisfying choice as I just love working with models.  Check our for my work and decide if my style can be of your choice.

Latest Series: In The Moment

Through these images of urban graphism, I discover new forms and perspectives that seem to have no limits. 
Vivid colours vibrate like waves and transport us beyond horizons where  chromatic palette plays with forms to create a striking interpretation every time.